First I will list the foods that could be interrupting your sleeping patterns.
  1. SUGARS - Consuming high Gi carbs at night can leave you feeling hungry and on edge which is exactly what you don't need when your trying to wind down.
  2. ALCHOHOL - Taking in large amounts can deplete vitamine B levels which aid in a good nights rest
  3. CAFFEINE - We all know that coffee morning feeling as the usual person sips a cup to help them wake up so cut down your intake on a night to get the extra ZZZZZ
  4. STIMULANT DRINKS - there are so many popular stimulant drinks on the market these days - these drinks are becoming the norm for many people and without realising it they grab a can from the fridge on a night and find it tough to drop off. 
  5. Diuretic foods - cut down on foods that will make you want the toilet all the time and will interrupt your sleep
Foods to help you nod off for a good nights sleep

  1. TRYPTOPHAN RICH FOODS - Tryptophan is an amino acid which aids in boosting serotonin in the brain making you feel good and produce more sleep hormones.  So foods such as turkey.
  2. GET MORE IRON - not enough iron can interfere with your energy levels and will sometimes make you wake during the night.
  3. MAGNESIUM - if you have low levels of magnesium in your body you may start to feel anxious which will prevent a natural drop off.
  4. WATER - keeping a good level of hydration will optimize temperature and body regulation creating a more relaxed inner environment.
  5. CALCIUM - As your mum says get a cup of warm milk before bed it helps to calm and sooth.
Changing your sleeping patterns can help too so try and read before bed to quiet the mind.  Making sure that you turn off the T.V will help you wind down naturally with no waking to turn off the T.V which has been playing to itself.  This was my problem and now I create a calm and quiet environment

Hope you manage to drop off and get a good night rest all the best everyone :)

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