I get more and more requests from people to do an article on the Biceps so here we go

Biceps: the biceps/bicep brachii is a two headed muscle that is located on the front of the upper arm between the elbow and shoulder.

Today we will firstly discuss how to engage the different heads of the bicep.

This is one point that many people don't think about and that is the bicep has two heads and needs to be engaged slightly differently to make sure you activate the two heads.  So here are a few exercises to help you to get well on your way in creating awesome guns ahem biceps:

The barbell curl


This is a well known classic exercise that envolves you curling the weight upwards then back and repeating for your desired repetition range.  Arnold here had an even shoulder width grip which will engage the bicep heads.  If Arnold wanted to focus more on the short head which is the inner bicep he would have to widen his grip.  If the long head or outer bicep was his aim he would need to have a closer grip.

So don't be afraid to change your grip slightly to boost the lagging areas.

Bring in the dumbells

The dumbells are a phenominal tool to incorporate into a bicep programme.  The reason they are great is because they allow more freedome of movemnet and also work each arm independently allowing your limb strength to become more even.

Doing the curls seated will also create more focus as it eliminates swing and cheating so take a seat I mean bench.

The use of a preacher bench will allow you to really isolate your biceps and make them work intensly.

The preacher curl station/bench eliminates even more swing and allows for a full squeeze/contraction of the biceps it is really intense.

Pully curls will allow you to keep constant tension on the working muscles so its a good idea to throw in some pully work too.  You can use a bar low pully or a high pully.  I like to use the high pully curls at the end of a workout to get that final energy used and really flush the bicep.


Here Arnold is using the high pullys to workout with.  To perform the high pully curl from the above position stand tall and curl the arm towards the head as if doing a bicep pose like below:

The above are but a few simple exercises to engage the biceps and help you really focus in and make your guns look awesome.  So give them a go see what you think and persist.

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