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7 Steps to Double your PT Income

Nicky Sehgal, Net Profit Explosion (NPE)
Most fitness professionals struggle because they haven’t learned how to effectively communicate the value of their services. Until you've been shown how to package your services in a way that makes them easy for prospective clients to understand, your sales results (and client roster) will remain weak and small. In this session, we’ll drill down on how to fix these problems and you’ll walk away with immediately actionable strategies for converting more prospects to clients and increasing your bottom line.

Coaching Success

Alex Firmin, Chapel House Training
In many aspects of life, be it education, sporting performance or business, having a coach has been directly linked with maximising your success. Come to this workshop if you are interested in learning more about coaching as a profession, want to benefit from coaching, or are looking to improve your coaching style and approach. There will be lots of innovative tips and models to take away, with advice and guidance to how you can create a coaching culture within your team. Alex is a highly experienced business and motivational coach, and whether you’re new coaching or have experience, this interactive workshop will provide opportunities to learn new skills, enhance your ability to gain rapport and help others to unlock their potential.

Introduction to Olympic Lifting

Chris Ross, Primal Academy
Widely seen as the most efficient training method in developing speed, power and performance, Olympic Lifting is undoubtably something that many of our clients could truly benefit from. Yet with the intricate technicalities of all the lifts, it can often intimidate both clients and trainers alike. In this practical workshop, Chris will be simplifying the very first steps into Olympic Lifting with a host of drills and assessments building up to the high pull. Drawing upon his lecturing and experience of ongoing work with top athletes, Chris will be sharing his most effective tips that help develop the movement and coordination necessary for Olympic Lifting. 

Introduction to Kettlebell Sport

Jenny Wright, Primal Academy
15 years ago, very few top level athletes in the UK had an awareness of what kettlebells are yet here we are now and many S & C programmes include them and most gyms in the country have them. Celebrity endorsements and classes more popular than ever before, we’ve almost all attempted swinging this uniquely shaped lump of metal between our legs. So, what’s it all about? To truly realise the benefits of kettlebells, you need look no further than Kettlebell Sport or Giervoy Sport (GS). This fast paced and practical workshop will be swinging you through the long cycle clean and jerk, 1 of the 3 GS disciplines.

Making Sense of Movement Screening

Darren Faulkner & Ross Megretton - Primal Academy
If you're serious about getting results with your clients, you must know their starting points. Movement screening enables you to accurately establish a client's starting point, so you can map the best route to their goal and avoid the potential for injury caused by generic programmes. In this workshop you’ll learn simple and effective assessments that will help you tailor your client programmes, ultimately avoiding injuries and delivering better results in less time.

Unlocking Inflexibility with Primal Flow

Phill Wright, Primal Academy
Flexibility is possibly the most undervalued facet of physical fitness. Rarely if ever would a client approach you declaring their movement limitations as their number 1 goal yet as trainers, we recognise how fundamentally important flexibility is. And historically, some of the isolated mobility exercises that we tend to prescribe are simply uninspiring and don't really help people buy into them. The good news is, training for flexibility doesn't need to be dull. This workshop gives you 3 mobility Primal Flows that you can take away with you and start solving some of the most common and frustrating mobility issues that we see in clients.

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