In your own opinion just ask yourself what is it like to have a hero???

This article is centred around hero’s - motivational role models and people who you can draw great energy from to help motivate you in achieving your goals/hopes and dreams. 

Hero’s are there to learn from and be inspired by to give you the energy and inspiration you need to bring about your own unique potential and be the greatest you can be.

Back when I was around the 255lb + mark I was in need of a hero that could be my guiding light someone who had the knowledge and experience to help me get on the path I needed and wanted to be on.  I searched and searched for someone I could learn from. 

Then one day I came across a book and thought I’d buy and try - that book was Cover Model Workout by Owen Mckibbin  - his story inspired me and drove me towards my goals with a wealth of health and fitness knowledge I was well on my way to pushing my limits stretching my life and going beyond what I though was possible. 

Who is Owen??

Owen Mckibbin is a very well recognised Athlete – Cover Model – Trainer – Health and Fitness personality and full time father who has a fantastic attitude and energy that is very infectious and motivational.  

His extensive knowledge and story really reached me and made me reach for my own unique potential.  Check out this video of Owen.

There really is a lot to lean in the health and fitness world and you should definitely take a visit to Owens website to learn more and enhance your own knowledge: 

It is amazing how someone who you never met before can help to inspire you into climbing your own personal mountain towards your dreams.  I one day would love to do a workout with and personally shake Owens hand to say thanks.


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    1. Thanks Shanti hope all is good with you have a great day :)

  2. Great article Liam and truly reflects Owens dedication and inspiration to others


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