Hello one and all I hope your all doing great.  I have been testing out the Spree.

The what???  Read on for more.

The spree is a very unique piece of fitness technology that assists you in reaching your goals.

The Spree team have allowed me to put their device to the test and so here is my review.

As you can see from the first picture I have the following components:

The Spree Headband which is made of light material and easy to adjust and fit around the head.

The headband I have is grey but you can get the following colours

  1. Black
  1. Grey
  1. Teal

As you can see in the picture to the left there is a rectangular slot for the POD which stands for

P - Performance

O - Optimization

D - Device

Which is pictured below

The POD slots snugly into the headband so there is no worry of it popping out - just make sure you have the headband fitted securely to your had which also helps the device pick up your readings/stats.  The Spree has the following functions:

  • Speed Tracking
  • Heart Rate
  • GPS - Real Time Route Tracking
  • Body Temperature Tracking
  • Advanced Calorie Counter
  • Water Proof
  • Smart Phone App
  • Music App Compatible
Very impressive array of features especially when compared to other products.  The unit uses a USB wire to charge.

The Spree really is so so simple to use and set up - here in the picture on the left I am placing the POD into the headband.  It is a unique design and saves you having to use what now has become traditional - a chest strap system.  With the Spree you simply place on the head use your smartphone with the free app to monitor your progress.

You get everything you need from the smart compact packaging and you can also purchase a hat/baseball cap to use if you don't want to use the headband.  Below you can see the hat and headband.  Its really fantastic to be able to have the choice and I love running with the hat on.

Love having the option of what to wear!!!

As you can see in the picture above you simply take the POD and place it into the rectangular slot in the hat and fire up the app and away you go!!!

The app is really easy to use all that is required is to download and then enter a few simple requirments and away you go.  You can customise and change the settings to create a workout of your choice that will help you keep a close track on your progression.  In the picture above you can see the interface which is really simple to navigate and set to your personal preferences.

I have given the Spree a full trial and found it to be of top quality I really would recommend it to anyone.  The array of features really puts the device at the top of its field and is very impressive when compared to other fitness/tracker devices.  For more information and how to buy please visit:

Really easy to navigate their site and the team are really friendly and more than willing to help.

I give the device a big thumbs!!!!!

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All the best guys and keep pushing forward.

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