There are many different views on bodybuilding or building the body as with everything in the world some are pro and others con. 

A lot of guys think you can simply walk into the gym start curling a bar and you will magically become Schwartzenegger and have 23+ inch arms of steel and washboard abs. 

Some ladies I have spoken with and trained would'nt even look at a weight through fear of becoming the size of the incredible hulk.

But bodybuilding allows you to focus your energy on improving the body and encouraging it to grow develope and become healthy. 

So ladies who think using weights is a bad thing think again - here are a few benifits:
  • Helps boost metabolism
  • Helps maintain lean muscle mass
  • Makes daily tasks more effortless
  • Creates more energy
These are but a few benefits.

Well there is a lot more to it than what people think especially when you want to reach the level of competition. 

Bodybuilding or building the body is an art form and should be something you persue with the utmost determination and passion if you so wish to. 

No matter if you want to compete or simply want to sculpt a better physique or get healthy, bodybuilding has great benifits.

A bodybuilder is like a sculpter or artist in the way they maximize muscle mass while maintaining high definition and low body fat levels. 

YOU are the sculpter and each sculpter needs tools as a bodybuilder does to build.  When firstly approaching bodybuilding you will want to research the following and gain a thorough understanding of how each element goes hand in hand with one another.
  1. Resistence training - you are going to need to know what exercises are effective to sculp the muscles and help the body grow.
  2. Nutritional requirements - the requirments you require will be unique to you as an individual so the variables will need to be changed to suit YOU!!!
  3. Cardiovascular training - you will implement a C.V routein to assist in lowering body fat and help in your conditioning
  4. Supplimentation - there are many suppliments out there to assist in training so do your research and make sure you get what is the best of the best and has plenty of research to back it up.
  5. Rest and relaxation - you need time for your body to recuperate and grow so R&R will help to maximize this.  Also a good place to start here is to look into split training programmes and get a schedule that best suits your needs.
  6. Knowledge/mentorship - if you are wanting to go the whole hog and get into competitions a mentor can guide you in the right direction as they have the experience and knowledge that will assist you in your quest.
People often ask which point is the most important and which should they amplify well i'd say each point is 100% important for building your ideal physique and reaching your unique potential. 

It is entirely up to you how you choose to implement your programme and build a physique that suits you.  If you want big muscles then you need to consider the above points to create them.  If you want to look lean with low body-fat as Bruce Lee did customise your workouts to your goals.

Bruce Lee incorporated resistence training and used bodybuilding alongside his martial arts training and produced a phenominal physique desired by many.  He looked lean and ripped not huge so customisation is the key to reaching the body you want as we are all unique and respond differently.

So keep pushing for your goals and dreams - persue them with positivity energy and passion!!!

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