lou_ferrigno_004NO MUSIC.
As an infant, Lou suffered a series of ear infections and lost 80% of his hearing (though his condition was not diagnosed until he was three years old). His bodybuilding career is a direct result of this condition – serving as his outlet when times were tough.
So how is working out different for Lou? Really the only difference, and some would think this is a big deal although he doesn’t think so, is that he doesn’t listen to music when he works out. While lots of gym-goers turn around and go home if they can’t access their tunes, Lou prefers the quiet to the distraction.
Lou believes that even if he could listen to music, he probably wouldn’t. He doesn’t like being distracted during his workouts. He doesn’t pay attention to who enters and exits the gym. He isn’t constantly looking around.  He concentrates on the exercises. He thinks about the muscle, the blood flow, and the pump. He counts reps. This allows him to work out efficiently and effectively, making his workouts seem almost short compared to others.
Lou believes you have to be focused – bringing the mental connection to the physical one – every time you train if you want to get what you want.
Could you train hard without music?
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