PILATES BY - Kathry Lisa Moses

I am always on the lookout for people who inspire the desire to get fit, healthy and to make a positive change in their lives.  

I met Kathryn on Facebook and found her story and knowledge a fantastic source of inspiration to motivate you so here goes:

Kathy has always had an interest in fitness, nutrition and a desire to help others people get into shape. 

Being a fashion assistant at Vogue magazine in New York and obtaining a masters degree in clinical psychology Kathy felt her true niche had not yet been found.  

After her divorce practicing psychotherapy was very draining and Kathy felt she was not truly changing others and was still struggling with her own unresolved issues she felt she could make. 

Three life events had a major impact on Kathy. 

  • Her mom struggling with severe neuropathy  

  • Becoming pregnant with her son Spencer and her friend Leanne Wagner getting certified in Pilates. 

  • All of the above events inspired Kathy's interest and new-found passion for Pilates.  

She got certified in mat Pilates through the physical mind institute at Bodlyline studio in Beverly hills and was told by her mentor Maria Leone that she could not get certified on the equipment until she gave birth to her son Spencer.

She went through the training and started teaching at several studios.  

Over the years her strength, passion and drive for fitness grew being inspired by Kathy Smith, Owen mckibben, Tony Horton etc she decided she wanted a full time career in Pilates and wanted to teach. With creativity she wanted to teach a fun and upbeat class and added a cardio twist to her classes teaching jump board class as her specialty. 

She is also trained in the rehab side of Pilates. 

Kathy trains very hard herself doing the Santa Monica stairs and boot camp at the palisades YMCA daily and does Pilates herself at least twice a week.  

She loves this career because people feel better and they truly are happy when they come and see their body's change. 

As Joseph Pilates said ten sessions you feel different twenty you look different and thirty you have a brand new body.  

Why not contact Kathy and try am introductory special rate on a series of private sessions.  

Call: 3104039363

She currently has special offers to help people get in shape so be sure to get in touch.

You can reach Kathy on Facebook at:

Pilates by KATHY MOSES

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