In my search for new innovative and exciting equipment to use I came across Flexolate and a range of amazing products that they offer that enhances your training.

So what exactly is Flexolate?

Flexsolate grip-free cuffs are easily attached to one or more resistance bands. They eliminate gripping from all upper body exercises. Using the most up to date SEMG Laboratory testing, Flexsolate proved that when you eliminate the grip you can expect to see up to 400% more stimulation in the targeted muscle. 

For example, when exercising the back or shoulders, you would need as much nerve activity as possible to go to those particular areas so that those muscle’s can work in the most efficient and effective way possible to create more development and strength. 

When you grip a handle, your hands and forearms will rob the targeted muscle of that energy needed for stimulation and growth. Over gripping is known to be the most common leading factor to painful tendonitis in the hands, elbows, and shoulders along with other health related problems including dangerous spikes in heart / blood pressure.

Flexsolate has patented products that offer safe and effective workouts which are proven to stimulate and activate muscles fiber's whilst protecting the joints and tendons for worry free excercise.

I decided to get in-touch and they were kind enough to let me review the "Flexsolate straps" and "GYM in a bag"

I eagerly awaited the products as I had been shown the research and it looked promising.

The amount of activation of the musculature was fantastic.

They eliminate gripping from all upper body exercises. 

"Using the most up to date SEMG Laboratory testing, Flexsolate proved that when you eliminate the grip you can expect to see up to 400% more stimulation in the targeted muscle".

But until it arrived I did a little research of my own and was sent images and videos to fully become aware of how the product functioned.

This is a great video with the man behind it all Terry Baldwin - I came across that gives the low down on the straps and their unique twist.

It seems such a simple concept but it really does work and work well.

I got the packages very quickly and the customer service was fantastically smooth and helpful with no issues what so ever.

I took them out of the box and the presentation was first class with an see through pouch I could see the pictures and read information on the reverse side to.
When I opened it, the insert folded out revealing a workout CD and the straps themselves.

They were made of a very durable material and had the company logo and name embroidered on which was a nice touch showing top quality. 
I tried them on and used them in my workouts and found I could feel a real difference in muscular activation.  

It made the mind muscle connection easier to hone in on as the areas I targeted had a great workout.

They were so easy to slip on and fit snugly on the hand with no movement during the chosen exercise.
In the image on the right is a curl movement that is being demonstrated.

The straps can be used on multiple exercises which shows their versatility.
Here is a pull down movement performed with the straps.  

As you can see simply hook the straps around the bar and away you go!!

I really like this product and will continue to use it with myself and my clients too.

To find out more about Flexsolate please click below:

Watch out for my next review which is another Flexsolate product the "Gym In A Bag"

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    is there any alternative of these sports products?
    How long lasting Best sports products ? Hope you response on these point.
    Waiting for your response.
    More over good job and keep it up.


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