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I have recently done an article on - Shaun Stafford and am now reviewing his Fit Books Strength Training For Fat Loss so here we go.

The book is very well presented and set out - it is really easy to follow and made so it can be easily understood.

It is chocked full of knowledge for you to understand and implement - here are a few details:

Plan length: 6 weeks

Primary Goal: Fat loss

Level: Beginner/intermediate

The book is easy to absorb and written in a way so that you can follow the plan with ease (you will have to put in the work though)

You will be given details on nutrition and the specific elements to implement in the programme.

Along side diet you will be advised on specific supplements that you can use to help in your fat loss journey.

There are detailed instructions with pictures so that you fully understand the movements involved in the programme.

A really fantastic read and the knowledge and programme you receive are second to none I really recommend checking it out.

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