There is always new and exciting research going into finding how we can increase our performance.  

So I thought I would throw this into the mix to show how you can find natural foods to optimize your training.


  • Great source of  anthocyanadins - natural antioxidants.
  • Suitable for vegans & vegetarians
  • Rich in a multitude of vitamins and minerals
  • Rich in Alkaline properties
  • Juice thins the blood which helps the blood flow easily.
  • Contains good amounts of vitamin B
The above list is but a few of the benefits.

New research suggests that if Beetroot is consumed a couple of hours prior to exercise it can boost endurance & stamina by up to 16%.

16% may not seem like much but it could be the edge your looking for and any natural advantage is a big thumbs up in my eyes.

I have incorporated it in my diet too - why not give it a try.

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