I have been sent the Tinke to review and give you a glimpse at this unique tracker that tracks your fitness & wellness.

Here is the research/Info from the Tine website:


The principle behind photoplethysmography (PPG) sensors is optical detection of blood volume changes in the microvascular bed of the tissue. The changes in light intensity are associated with small variations in blood perfusion of the tissue and this provides information on the cardiovascular system.
The PPG pulse is commonly divided into two main components: a forward moving wave and a reflected wave. The forward wave occurs each time the heart contracts during a systole, which sends blood to the rest of your body. In a healthy person, the reflected wave returns and gives a notch in the diastolic phase. As your heart pumps, blood flows from the heart to all parts of the body. The rate at which the reflected wave returns is important – the stiffer the arteries are, the faster it returns.
Our product vision is simple: the product we create must fit into our consumers’ lifestyles. Its form must be small, yet innovative. It is for this reason that we deliberately steered away from traditional transmission technologies, looking to reflective technologies to realize our product vision.
For spot monitoring, the non-covered reflectance mode PPG sensor system of Zensorium’s Tinke consists of a light source and a detector, with red and infrared (IR) light-emitting diodes (LEDs). The iconic duo openings representative of the light source and light detector was developed then carried as the product identity of Tink√©.
For continuous monitoring, the wearable sensor system of Zensorium’s Being uses green LEDs as it provides stronger PPG signals required due to a change of measuring location, from the fingertip to the wrist. Our arrangement of detectors and LED differs from our competitors due to proprietary algorithms.
Digital signal processing (DSP) algorithms for noise and artifact reduction have been used in many applications. Biosensing uses these techniques more often today since the data recorded is often corrupted by environmental noise sources, from undesirable physiological sources, or due to unreliable and unstable sensor-tissue interface while doing the measurement.
To ensure accurate measurements, both Tinké and Being are packed with a data acquisition studio and a comprehensive set of signal processing algorithms to treat the signals including background noises, ambient light and motion artifacts.
For Zensorium’s Being in particular, we have also included motion sensors to measure position, motion, tilt, and vibration for three-dimensional sensing. Using a combination of the accelerometer and PPG sensors, motion artifacts are reduced with proprietary algorithms to provide a better reading for resting, walking and running activities.
My take:
So I have been using the device for a while now and it is extremely easy.
I have the iphone 5 and it slots into the bottom ready for you to simply open the app and you can either choose guest and input your age and gender to measure your stats or create an account.

I liked the option of having a guest as you can let your friends have a go to see what they think - my girlfriend wanted a go the minute I had finished so I used the guest mode and within a minute she was ready to go.

The device is very small and takes up next to no space at all - so you can simply store away in a draw or carry in your wallet/purse and use it on the go.

Quirky and easy to set up the Tinke makes it easy to track your statistics so why not take a look at:

Tinke Site


It's not just a sweet smelling food - Cinnamon has many benefits - lets take a look at a handful:
  • Helps regulate blood sugar levels - simply sprinkle some Cinnamon onto your food or add to a drink, unless you fancy the Cinnamon challenge which I don't recommend!!!  (take a look on youtube)
  • Improves brain function - simply smelling this food can fire up your brain.
  • Reduce heart disease risk.
  • Anti-inflamatory properties
  • Loaded with anti-oxidants
  • Improves insulin sensitivity
  • Helps combat bacterial & fungal infections
So as you can see I have listed a few of the benefits here for you - If it sounds too good to be true I say do your research and look at the evidence :)